The continuing theme of my work is the true universal connection we all have to each other, We are truly one.

My intent is to express this oneness through joy, inner peace and a bit of fun in my work. To make a connection to you that brings these things to your life. Life is a gift that I wish to share.

We ALL respond to beauty. It gives us a brief moment out of time. Takes us to another place. Gives us a moment of awe. Of peace. Of comfort. Of remembrance. It is real, visual, tactile. It can call to you and touch you. Remind you of who you are. It may begin with just feeling good holding it,or wearing it. Special. Beautiful. As you are.

I have been a multi-media artist for more than 15 years. The signature of my work is the use of media in unexpected ways. Patterns combined, textures created, colors mixed to make something new. Each time, my approach has been the same. Push the limits. Play outside the lines. "What if" is my mantra.

We come from the same boundless imaginations of childhood and taken our own path.

We are the same. Just simple beauty from one human to another. Being.

Enjoy. Check back soon and see what I am up to next.

" The Woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The Woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before"
... Albert Einstein

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